Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jerusalem Stone

Jerusalem Stone
Jerusalem Stones are making a huge come back. If you are going to seek out a honey light beige tones in polished and brushed natural stone material, then Setimar has what you’re looking for. The new range of limestone’s from Israel with warm honey lemon tones and textures are just magnificent and are just the right price range for most projects. Many customers feel it looks like reclaimed Jerusalem stone, and a one of a kind now available in larger patterns, French Pattern Opus Jerusalem Stone, brushed French pattern Jerusalem stone, brushique Jerusalem stone, polished Jerusalem stone tiles, Jerusalem French pattern tiles in many sizes, are all available with almost any finish and size with our Jerusalem stone tiles and slabs. Sizes available in Jerusalem stone are 12” x 12”, 16” x 16”, 18” x 18”, 24” x 24”, 30” x 30”, 36” x 36”, 48” x 48”, in just about any of our Jerusalem stone tiles, Egyptian limestone tiles, Turkish marble French pattern tiles, and other stones, milos stone, brushique stone, all from the middle east at great prices direct from our factories.
Jerusalem Stone tiles are rich in color and light with warm honey tones that interior designers are specifying for high end homes and commercial builders, due to the Jerusalem Stone strength in its nature and hardness costing much less than French stones that we have available.
Sizes in the standard Jerusalem stone French pattern are 8” x 8”, 8” x 16”, 16” x 16”, 16” x 24”. And of course our Jerusalem Stone Jumbo Opus pattern including our New Maximus Giant French Pattern new on the market only available in certain stones, but Setimar can match most natural stone materials if requested, available now in Cream, Biscuit, White, Gray, Gold, Green, Red, in Marble and Limestone.
Jerusalem Stone Thicknesses available are 1cm, 1.2 cm 1.3 cm, 1.5 cm 1.7 cm 2cm, including Jerusalem Stone Pavers and slabs 2cm, 3cm, 4cm and custom architectural Jerusalem stones.
Further to our telephone conversation of yesterday I am glad to offer the following prices for the gold honey in tumbled finish & light brushing:
Jerusalem Stone in Roman Pattern, Jerusalem Stone in French Pattern / Grand Villa Opus French Pattern and our unmistakable Rocaille Maximus (Giant) French Pattern that you will hear more about in the near future.
Hear more about the Rocaille Maximus (Giant) French Versailles Pattern
The price for honed or brushed or brushique finish is less.
Sizes roman pattern: 61/40.6, 40.6/40.6, 40.6/20.3, 20.3/20.3
Sizes grand villa opus: 91.8/61, 61/61, 61/30.5, 30.5/30.5

Many other measurements and patterns in different finishes are possible as well.
Time of supply: 30 days Shipping terms: Ex-works I hope these offer is workable for you.
We at Setimar look forward to hearing from you

Thursday, April 26, 2012


New Offering. What are Plank Stones and the advantages? Plank Stones are simply thinner strips of natural stone that are very similar to the sizes and appearance of wood. Plank Stone is the new wood vein natural stone choice for your surfaces and floors.
The major difference is you can have any stone of your choosing that are far stronger than natural wood, thus achieving a great design feature and appearance that many prefer than the standard tile format. Many Companies manufacture all types of Plank flooring but not in plank stones. Plank natural stone tiles are the new choice option for the modern buyer who wants the wooden look with a new twist in elegance. The appearance is pure perfection to an elegant home in a polish finish or brushed for a beautiful country feel using our brushique method available only through the Setimar Stone Group at great price points depending on the quantity. Setimar-Stone Group is quite different because we custom cut to your design with any stone imaginable and yes, even stone that looks just like wood which is one hundred percent true natural stone. Your choice of stones are unlimited with Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Coral, Shell-Stone, Basalt, Granite, Porphyry, Gneiss, Soda-Lights, Lava Stones, Gem-Stones, Rare Stones and much more to offer the aficionado any design imaginable. Here's where it gets really exciting, with all the finishing's and trimmings. Finished Surfaces are the following; Polished, Honed, Brushed, Tumbled-Look, Flamed, Leathered and Brushique-Antiqued, the designers choice. Brushique-Antiqued is a stone with a new surface appearance giving old-world a new name. After the main production of the plank stones, the surface is bruised and brushed, then polished to look thousands of years old, almost historically a reclaimed relic. WANT THAT SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR YOUR PROJECT! THEN CALL US WITH YOUR SPECIFICATIONS... PLANK STONE SIZES: There are many great advantages to the sizing of these Plank-Stones 1 ft, 1 ft.6", 1 ft 9", 2 ft, 2 ft.6", 2 ft.9" and 3 ft in length. As a guideline. You can indeed order any custom size within reason for stability and strength. Widths are available in 4", 6", 7", 8", 9" and 12 ft. The trend for matching base board is definitely in vogue and also comes in various sizes to meet your requirements and specifications with many design features. The cuttings of the edges are very important to customers; edges are Strait Cut, Strait and Beveled/Chamfered polished or Antique Brushed or slightly chiseled. Many designers prefer alternating sizes creating a herringbone effect. With plank stones there are no limits. THICKNESSES: Thickness all depend on the area to be installed; interior or exterior, decking and the setting and substrate. Whether concrete or on sand, thickness can range from 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.3cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, and for pavers 2.5cm, 3cm, 3.5cm, 4cm and of course custom sizes for trade professionals, stone masons, marble and stone distributors, marble and stone dealers, granite fabricators, builders, developers and architects. If you are searching for that something special at factory direct pricing and natural - Fill out the contact sheet for more information……

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Setimar UK Expansion

Setimar UK Expansion

MONDAY, APRIL 2012 Setimar Set’s Up New Office in the U. K. Setimar Stone Group, LLC. will be expanding within months into the United Kingdom with our exciting natural stone prefabricated granite and marble products with a whole new approach. This will include the awarding of Master Licenses in regions throughout the U. K. Master Licensees will be guaranteed to be the sole importers and suppliers for their respective regions, cities areas and borough’s throughout the United Kingdom. England, for example, will consist of nine distinct regions where Setimar will focus and set up and train Master Licensees, or sell the rights to use for the UK; which has been considered to assist interested parties for sale as a franchisor with all master franchise privileges with full control. London comprises of Metropolitan Boroughs Central, County Boroughs outer central London, Municipal boroughs Extended London and Urban Boroughs the out-side borders of London. Setimar Stone Group will assist in building their regions with other fabricators and importers. They will in turn become authorized installers of marble, granite and other natural stones as well as prefabricated countertops, vanities, tiles, flooring and walls. Importing or non-importing Installers within a territory or regional area will also have protected territories; consisting of counties (Shires-Regions-Borough’s) also called (NUT’S) Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics and will be required to purchase all prefabricated and slab granites, with the availability of quartz, marble and travertine’s if required, chemicals, or back-up inventories from their master licensee is not essential but important to supply the many interested parties with pallet sales who cannot afford container to start the fabrication process, but still pays the fees and royalties this is all part of the investment. There will also be master licensees in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland - at least 36 regions in all, including England, not including partial parcel of cities and borough’s. Master or out-right sales of the UK will be orchestrated by the interested buyer franchisor or licensee, and governed by the said buyer to receive start-up fees, reasonable royalties to be a certain percentage from sub licensees, calculated on gross revenue generated. Setimar Stone Groups Prefabricated System will not only be a success in the U.S.A., but certainly in the United Kingdom and potentially in dozens of countries around the globe, producing opulent and fashionable commercial and residential countertops, vanities, tiles, and anything that can be made out of fine natural granite at a fraction of the costs. Available for qualified, interested parties are Setimar's Standard Business Plan, Marketing Brochure, Prospectus, Master Licensing or Franchisor agreement, and Business Plan. Please contact our office to request your copy! Posted by Setimar Stone Group at 1:47 PM 0 comments Newer Posts Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Granite New Industry Trends

Granite New Industry Trends

The following comments reflect what is new from our very knowledgeable natural granite and stone factories and team. The renovation market is now bigger than ever with granite fabricators and our distributors that have noticed a huge surge in granite countertop renovations with granite countertops on the rise. The forecasts are looking great for 2012 onwards, with customers searching for new and different granites with unique and stunning movements inherited in exotic and new classic granites now available from the countries of origin through the Granite Marble Stone Group. The importers should pay attention to the trends in buying slabs and prefab catering to all markets, all cut from the same blocks at a fraction of the price. Doesn't seem like a whole lot to rely on when our trade fabricators and distributors do not see the savings in importation. Simply search and click on to our informative web site pages and allow us to quote you for your inventory or project. Take a good look at our web site to further search for our available granite slabs and bundles including our container offerings. Read the valuable information on our blog, and take a look at some of our granite slabs and colors for prefab countertops or custom stones including architectural stones that is available to you granite slab page on our website, the site has been up-dated for 2012 and Setimar Stone Group’s new web site will be up in May 2012. You will find what you’re looking for and if not please call or send an email and ask for more information with all your details on the contact sheet, as much has changed in the last two years. So go ahead go back to the web site and give us a call. We help you orchestrate your containers in bundles saving you thousands that you may have over looked buying from your local distributors who are not affiliated within our group of companies. If you want to import or need advice with importing and you want to understand the price advantages you need not look any further. We protect our importers and distributors and stone industry client buyers and show them the savings by importing their own materials. Thousands of interested stone importers seek recommendations and are surprised how trained and professional we are from the on-set. Do you have a commercial or larger custom project coming up? Do you want a service that can produce your materials for local distribution with no hassle from overseas, saving thousands of dollars or pounds sterling, well ok then let’s get ready to rumble and put you in the driving seat of success to create a another revenue stream in the stone industry. Granite makes headlines and granite has certainly gone wild with never seen unique and exciting granites, which are not shown normally in the very drably big box companies that sell the same old granite countertops. Setimar promises all serious importers and fabricators results not realized, we go the extra mile and start searching and finding your niche market and help promote your services unlike other providers. You are in a powerful and fantastic position to sell first quality classic and exclusive exotic granites, onyx and quartz in an array of colors and natural styles that are inherent in these great natural stone materials. In addition, for the record, we can always beat many of our overseas producers of granites and quarries. Our Setimar factories and quarries produce their own deposits of stone from around the world with our Setimar partners own state of the art granite quarries and factories in over seventeen countries. Setimar Stone Group has over fifty deposits of quarry productions of granite, and thirty marble quarries and mountainous deposits including limestone and slates from high and shallow deposit beds all with high technology finish and quality selection. We offer high-resolution smoother-edge polishing machinery, including proprietary resins where necessary using the finest finishing with high polish with best results. The finest equipment and machinery allow us to produce the best the world can offer with our Comondulli, with a Smoother-Edge with Breton and custom engineered machinery including our Intimidator cutting diamond saws that are made custom in the United States including our bridge saws for fabricators at the best prices on the market with all parts made right here in the United States. Today you have to think hard before throwing your money away buying single slabs per job, that why you should look at the prefabrication page that shows you how to save on importing, save of using less material and finally less on labor. We have spoken to many fabricators who just do not realize that the savings in importing and using unique prefab systems can supersede there their bottom line end of year profits, hard to fathom especially when they are complaining they are not making enough money. Setimar’s personnel have shown fabricators repeatedly what we call a reform to action, meaning to take time out to research there companies to take them to another level. Recently we spoke with a North Carolina fabrication shop, and the first thing that came out of his mouth was he was not interested as he was very happy with his distributor. If a company is doing 20 kitchens and vanity projects or more per month they could be losing additional profits as much as $8000.00 per month that’s $102.000.00 per annum. Are you surprised? Setimar will about this more if you’re interested to see if you are truly interested in saving money for your business and your bottom line.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Setimar Turkish Travertine

Setimar Turkish Travertine

Setimar Partners With Turkish Factory Marble and Travertine
(in-stock / containers available)
Setimar Stone Group Partners with Turkish Mining and block production with slabs tiles & pavers.

Over the last 10 years we have explored Turkey's rich mineral depositories in search of the highest quality marble, travertine and granite, which have been used in building projects in the United States, UK and throughout Turkey, Europe and the Middle East.
Today the company operates several quarries and two main factories in Turkey, offering a wide range of standard and custom sizes, with distinctive colors and shades in a variety of different stones. Setimar operates some of the most advanced stone cutting facilities in Turkey with the capacity to supply large scale projects locally, regionally and internationally, with a full inspection program in place.

Setimar Stone Group also manufactures and supplies marble, limestone, onyx and travertine for all applications including slabs, tiles, pavers, architectural stones, custom kitchen work tops to bathroom vanity tops, to the trades and its customers. Setimar also provides Monument-stones, Window-sills, Thresholds, Risers, Railings, Pavers, Cobble-stones, Tumble-stones, Architectural-stones, Balustrades, Flag-stones, Stack-stones, Curve-stone, Cap-stone, Corner-stones, Coral-stones, Veneered Stone, Fire-places, Slabs, Large Modular Custom Patterns, Stairs & Risers, and a fully customized carving availability for the private homes and estates and commercial projects and much more.

Friday, February 24, 2012

We are not a Franchise

We are not a Franchise

Friday, February 24, 2012 We are not a Franchise Setimar Stone Group is a factory and plant ready for your production WE ARE NOT A FRANCHISE HOWEVER WE DO OFFER BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES TO INTERESTED INVESTORS. Although franchises may have the great benefits it is limited in certain trades especially the natural stone industry. We want everyone to know that Setimar Stone Group has never been a franchise period. Setimar wants all readers of our blog's to understand the offering of our granite imports and granite fabrication is to only to attract new customers for our demand of granite in exclusive areas only. If your a buying customer at this time with an exclusive stone material, will not sell our that particular material or materials to anyone in your area or city. The natural stone industry categories are slabs, prefabricated countertops, vanities, tiles, pavers, coping and many other stones for different applications. Setimar Stone group is a division of the global network of Setimar Stone Industries and a world wide resource for natural stone materials from around the world. We hope to reach the entrepreneur who can receive similar support as a franchise without any fees. Setimar Stone Group is like no other we guide you through the whole process from start to finish. Training is also available and achieved with many new fabricators throughout the United States. Setimar's inventory come from the quarries and factories directly from abroad. So before you consider buying into any franchise look for your options especially in the stone industry. Request our information about starting out into the natural stone industry and request a marketing plan (MKT 620) You will seed how you can boost your sales or start out with your own granite and stone fabrication shop, and become a huge success in the countertop industry as an importing fabricator or distributor with many of our classic and unique and exclusive granites. Setimar also customizes ready cut to size countertops for less than the cost of any slab or prefab from Asian countries. Please go to our web site at and look at the different type of options including our exclusive residential cut to size and prefabricated system. Author Robert Clark

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brazilian Granite Gone Wild and Exotic

Brazilian Granite Gone Wild and Exotic

The Best Brazilian Granite Gone Wild and Exotic GRANITE GONE WILD Granite gone wild: Well has it? Let’s talk about granite for a minute. Granite, it seems many potential customers are easy to please, after all you see the same granite on every commercial street corner, this does not have to be, and yes we have to give the customers what they want right? Well no not really, we feel here at Setimar Stone Group you can offer many other types of granite not just Uba-tuba that all fabricators gear there prices on, but other materials that are getting a lot of attention in the market place every day and that’s exotics, not necessarily costing much more if shopping correctly with the right providers. Every importer is careful what they import today and that’s understandable, however it’s always worth importing a bundle or two of an attractive material that is different from the norm and everybody else. We suggest you ask our sales division for more information on our exclusives or exotics including many specials we can supply, and of course our classic materials that are sold throughout the United States Canada and the united kingdom. Once an importer has pulled the trigger and ordered there first containers they do not look back and has always sold whatever they have imported, In addition, if you scroll over to our Setimar blog and our granite pages you will find much information on our products and company, you probably just might find what you are looking for at Renovation in Stone and Granite is on the rise with customers searching for their unique and stunning movements inherited in exotic and classic granites. Click on to many pages on our web site to further search our site to find you want and read the valuable information. So go ahead and go to the web site and email us from the contact sheet or give us a call, you may be surprised how trained and professional we are from the on-set. Do you have a custom project coming up, do you want a service that can produce your materials with no hassle well ok then let’s get ready to rumble and put you in the driving seat of success in the stone industry. Granite makes headlines and granite has certainly gone wild with never seen unique and exciting granites available from Setimar Stone Group. Start searching and finding your niche market and see yourself in a powerful and fantastic position to sell first quality classic granites at the best prices direct from our factories abroad, exclusive exotics and exclusives granites in an array of colors and natural styles that are inherent in these great stones. In addition, we can and we do beat many of the off shore factory producing plants from around the world with our high technology resin and high-resolution smooth polishing machinery, including proprietary resin and smooth finishing. The finest equipment and machinery allow us to produce the best the world can offer with our Comondulli and Breton including our Intimidator cutting gang and bridge saws that are made custom right here in the States. Author Bobby-Balestrino Posted Posted by Setimar Stone Group at 2:38 PM 0 comments

Friday, July 16, 2010

Golden Amber Onyx

Golden Amber Onyx

Setimar Golden Amber Onyx

Setimar-Stone Group was founded by a team of marble and granite professional businessmen from Europe South America and the USA. There main objectives are to further expand and produce new and exciting stones from its Factories and Plants around the World. Setimar's range of different natural stone materials are exceptional, there materials are in great demand with high quality Travertine's, Limestones, Granite and Onyx, with Slab availability, Tiles, Pavers, Veneer, Prefab Stones for hotels and commercial projects including granites for interested fabricators of granite and installers for further Fabrications. We are searching for Stone Buyers, importers, distributors for many natural stone materials of interest. Setimar are seeking customers of interest, Masons, Stone Installation Companies, Builders-Contractors, Architects, Designers for many of our cost effective and direct price points for high quality stone tiles, slabs, veneer, prefab, cut to size, marble granite and stones. Setimar also produces the finest color selection of travertine's and limestones (from light to dark) including unique gold's, chocolate, nutmeg and ivory, available in filled and unfilled tiles and pavers in all sizes, ready in stock and for larger production. A new addition to our natural stone collection is a Pure White Marble (Setimar Bianco Carrara) a very high quality material but very affordable for all types of budget projects. Setimar custom cuts for our specialty customers to suit all specifications with our resources at your request. Setimar positions itself overseas with quarries that are close in proximately to reduce further costs in shipping, easier excess and ready for production, reducing any possible delays offering best quality control possible. Setimar has the technology for all our materials ready for import and export around the world. Setimar Stone Group's marketing and sales center is in Miami Florida, in the United States, it is here our clients receive the information and orders, billing, pricing and expert advice. Setimar with Brazil is now offering new slab and prefab program, please call for more information. This is where if required our clients can personally select their blocks, according to their future use, whether in the construction or decoration business. Personalized customer care is one of our specialties’, and we commit ourselves to our customers to offer the best service with our management and consulting facilities available in the United States an Around the World.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Architectual and Builder Stone Supplier

Architectural Stone Suppliers to the trade

Setimar Stone Group have a huge resource of stones from around the world; producing and customizing, many different types of stones from over 20 countries. Setimar are producers and suppliers to the trades offering many natural stone materials for commercial and Architectural projects, this includes veneer stones, pavers and custom cut to size direct from our factories of interest. Setimar Stone can supply all your architectural stones and natural paving landscaping stone needs. Setimar has tremendous experience with its factories for years from start to finish, packed in lots ready for installation. Many Architectural and contracting firms often do not realize that by having a knowledgeable team at their disposal is a great asset and a financial time saving factor for the architect themselves and their personal clients making complete sense. Setimar has supplied through our network to over a hundred of hotels, municipal buildings, banks, malls, cruise ships, resorts, and retirement homes including large residential and affluent residential homes. In today’s world pricing is the major factor offering value for money, with reinstall natural stoneady to . Setimar Stone offers slabs, prefabrications, tiles, pavers, panels, driveway paving stones, landscaping stones, stone curbs, stepping stones, coral stones, flagstones, large deck patio stones for any custom size of stone, in many stone surface finishes, flamed polished, honed, tumbled, stone brushed, pitted, mushroom splitting, striated designs, resin finishing and high resolution polishing also with honing machinery. Setimar will cut your angles and quirk corners in irregular and strait-cuts, architectural curvatures, arches, columns, balustrades, in any natural stone ready for installation and erection. We are your one stop-shop supplier, making your stone projects go far easier without having to deal with many venders who are simply just distributors. Setimar will work with you directly with some of the best factories in the world. The Setimar team has over a hundred years of experience and enjoys the many challenges that each project brings.

Setimar Stone Group have been stone producing, manufacturing and distributing for over 25 years, features hundreds of different stones from around the world; this is only a small reflection of what we can offer you and your project. New on the scene is a pioneering veneer components, they are unique, fast to install and are irregular in style, similar to a ledge old-world style in a one single piece, seeing is believing. Setimar is now looking for interested parties / distributors and installation groups who that something different for the builder budget markets.

Check on our BLOG for our Jumbo Jumeriah Desert Stone which just touches the surface of what we can offer you and your clients. Setimar will always be committed to finding exactly what you need including specially stones for important entrances, inserts, medallions’, mosaics, balustrades, steps, winding stairs, pool-stone and copings in any style including backlighting Onyx’s in many colors and much more. So Architects, Designers, Distributors, and all trades persons, let us do your walking as your Stone Supplier for your natural paving stone, landscaping garden stones, natural sand and coral stones, driveway paving stone and slates, paving tile and slabs, Stepping Stone, Landscaping Stones, Natural stone veneer walling, natural stone patios, Copings, garden paving slabs and sets.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prefabricated Granite Cut to Size

Prefabricated Granite Cut to Size

Setimar your custom stone provider Slabs, Prefab-Granite, Tiles & Pavers

Setimar Stone Group your industry visionary. Setimar is now offering a better and improved prefab program, unique to the stone marketplace. Setimar have studied the stone industry for the residential and commercial building trends for years with positive results. Setimar understands what the industry needs; we know from our experience what the buyers want, and what sells. Setimar makes guidelines and with this monitored information and have successfully implement new ideas to importers, all help to fast track their business and the understanding of the stone trends price and quality issues, achieving the very best results every time. Our prefabricated granite kitchen counters for instance, come in universal sizes with intricate corners, multi-purpose applications, upper-bars, islands and standard countertop sizes, with various thick-nesses that no one can beat on price for the higher levels of granite on the market

The prefabricated cut system is exclusive available with custom cuts designed masterfully and utilized for any complete kitchen or bathroom.

These cost effective prefab granite programs work residentially or commercially always uniformity cut from the same blocks for all types of areas of installations, for interior and exterior that only a true manufacturing overseas factory can supply for less than Chinese normal pricing. Setimar guarantees its quality every time with great results for all types of projects or inventory, and has done for many years.

Slabs are big business, that's why our selection of granites are the most sought out in the world, ready to ship in containers at a fraction of the costs; saving the average fabricator hundreds of thousands of dollars by importing for far less than buying from a local distributor or wholesaler. Many times it’s hard to find what you need, however if you are in the position to import, this can be can very lucrative alternate to your business. You already know that many times a provider does not have what you need in stock, you may also find that they buy inferior or commercial quality; and sell their granite and marble slabs materials as a high quality or standard material, hard to believe. The fact remains; to maintain a healthy business you have to import to be a success in the stone industry, we urge you to do your math and due diligence to see how much you lose in a year, by calculating how much you spent on your slabs and compare your importing costs with a full evaluation. My point is simple; you can’t grow if you can’t compete; if you can’t compete, your profits will only sustain your overhead every month, by not growing at all.

Setimar Stone Group also customizes for your projects to all specifications, in any stone including all the most popular colors for floors tiles, exterior pavers, walls tiles and veneer stones, vanities countertops etc. has the materials ready to ship from the far corners of every continent to meet the demands of popular classic and exotic granites. CALL SETIMAR AND COMPARE OUR PRICING FOR YOUR CONTAINER AND FURTHER INFORMATION.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Setimar Introduces the new Jumeriah Stone

Jumeriah Stone Exclusive Pattern Set

Finally the Jumeriah Desert Stone collections are ready for its production.
Desert stones are unique and available in all sizes, (Small and Large) including our new Extra Jumbo Versailles Pattern. A French style that was created in the reign of King Louis XIV. The Palace of Versailles. Truly a great looking natural stone that different from anything else on the stone emporium. A nine piece fabricated pattern set not available to anyone until now. This amazing design is also available in 2cm and 3cm for interior and exterior tiles and pavers. Now available in all types of surface finishes, honed, polished, stone-brushed, and our new finish antiqued Antiquaries edge finish. This amazing technology is a must see, produced and processed in the Mediterranean and appears it has been brought back from the past. Exclusive territories are now available for distribution. Designers have been waiting for something like this for years at affordable price points that are favorable to the importers and the end-user clients.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Setimar Stone Groups New Carrara Giorgio Marble

Setimar Stone Groups New Carrara Giorgio Marble

Carrara Giorgio
Setimar's new Collection of Unique Giorgio Stone.
Setimar Stone Group & Setimar's new Collection of Unique Giorgio Stone.

Setimar Stone Group and its Partners have sourced an exclusive new range of Giorgio Carrara stone for the world market. Setimar Stone Group realized that the commercial and hotel trades require an affordable and more consistent white marble material; this material is the perfect choice, high quality with subtle gray golden veining's with a truly elegant appeal. This elegant and appealing material of marble is not stark in shade; it has warm hues of pearl white light, perfect for commercial and high-end residential projects. Setimar sees distributors doing very well with this unique and great looking material. White is the new color and is certainly in demand. The Euro has made it almost impossible to win bids for many projects because of the current exchange rates. The hotel industry is very conscious of the tight budgets today; new interested importing customers will see demand with huge profits with this affordable Carrara Giorgio Marble.

The only way to win projects is to be more competitive with sourcing high quality materials that are similar in character to the standard Carrara that is typically on the market. Quality is paramount, and consistency is essential. What the Giorgio Carrara marble can offer our customers is an attractive alternate to your typical Carrara with the right price points to gain interest from your price conscious customers making great profits. Setimar Stone's require Importing Distributors, Trade Specifiers, Architect and Developers to recognize this affordable attractive marble, undoubtedly better in its appearance and character with state of the art production facilities. Giorgio Carrara has been officially launched at the Cersaie exhibition in Bologna in September with its partners Setimar Española
The Giorgio Carrara is represented for the first time with its collaboration with Setimar International. This amazing addition and beautiful Carrara marble material is produced with great anticipation as one of our greater collections, and will set new trends benchmarking the industry in the stone's processing, distributions and transportation with great results to your customers.

Distributors trade buyers builders will receive containers with the offering of free samples for distribution, helping our importers to further distribute and specify for projects throughout our nation including the United Kingdom, Canada and Dubai, along with other suggestions for accompanying materials. Please ask us to add other stones of interest for other parts of the projects no matter what the material specifications are, including granite limestone, basalt, sandstones, onyx, etc. The selections are based on the practice's experience using the material to create light-filled, high quality buildings and interiors around the world.

Stone has been prevalent in some of Setimar’s Partners' most notable projects, including many transformation of leading hotels and Galleries throughout London, the Wyvern hotel in the USA, the Pierre de France restoration project, more recently, the spa of the Eldorado Beach Club in Cabo.
Giorgio Carrara marble Collection Solid as the rock.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brazilian Granite Exotics and Standards

Brazilian Granite Exotics and Standards



We also have many other options of stone granite materials at this time. We are ready for the new explosion that will be hitting the market very soon with exiting new stones and marbles, including granites that have been an absolute knockout in the market place. For instance, like Tropical Treasure, Solarius, Delicatus, Moca Gold, Wild Sea, Twister, Summer Sunset, Juparana Bordeaux, Juparana Wave, Magma Bordeaux, Golden Sea, Golden Queen, and Golden Ivory. Brazilian Diamond, Blue Jeans, Green Soda-light, Aquarelle, Bianco Romano, Blue Fantasy, Green River, Lapidus Gold, Vesper, Coral Magogany. All slabs are available and ready to ship at great pricing. Customers requiring prefabrications for projects including countertops of all kinds please allow us to quote you on any of these products including many other exotics, standards and classics that are listed below. The listing on (one and two are random listings and doesn’t reflect the pricings. Look at some slabs posted, coming soon.

Golden Brazil Granite, New Venetian Gold, Luna Beige, Carioca Gold, Giallo Fiorito, Giallo Vicenza, Giallo Capri / Gold Capri, Gold Ornamental, Santa Cecelia, Santa Cecelia Light, Santa Cecelia Dark, Giallo Antico, Chameleon Skin, Crema Brazil, Gold and Silver Granite, Golden Vinhal, Golden Perza, Juparana Fantastico, Juprana Mantena, Juparana Yellow River, River Nile Yellow Dream,; Lapidus Blue, Varnish Tropical, Yellow Sun, Crema Super Nova, Golden Beach, Mascarello, Nevada White, Roman White.

Caju, Emerald Quartz, Gold Fields, Porta Rosa, Sky Wave, Milky Way, Jiboia Snake, Bamboo Green, Ekos, Iron Red, Azul Macaubas, Azul Imperial,
Four Seasons, Persa Brown, Candeias, Marinace Green, Brusroom Fossil Green, Juparana Classic, Juparana Fantastico, Matipo, Purple Rain, Lapidus Gold, Igapo, Amarula, Jurassic Gold, Caterpillar, Bordeaux Light, Panache, Yellow River, Delicatus, Golden Flakes, ( Net Blue, Fantasy Brown, Jade Green, Desert Gold, Castor Blue, Branco Grego, Amber Veneciano, Café, New Venetian, Designers Choice of Granite.

Aracruz Black, Butterfly Green, Carioca Gold, Coral Magogany, Cotton White, Giallo Fiorito, Green Gold, Icaria Yellow, Imperial Coffee, New Venetian Gold, Oro Napoleon, Ouro Brazil, San Gabrial Black, Santa Celia Classic, Santa Celia Dark, Uba Tuba Green.

Bianco Antique, Ivory White, Roman White, Eucalyptus Green, Jade Green, Labrador Green, Peacock Green, Peacock Green Light, Saint Benidict Black, Saint (Benedict) Black, Ornamental Silver, Uba Tuba Classico. Please look for other stone from around the world. Our goals are to provide (you our potential customer’s) distributors, fabricators, developers and architects, designers including entrepreneurs who want to start in our great industry with and by far the most comprehensive available stone materials in the world.

Granite & Marble pay great attention

Granite & Marble pay great attention GRANITE & MARBLE PAY GREAT ATTENTION Paying to have someone else do all the web site promotion is expensive. However, with the right knowledge most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and promotional tasks can be accomplished simply with Setimar's help to get you on track once a you become an importer with or without an existing web site, we can then guide you with tips and marketing ideas with our products (PICS) and assistance at little or no cost. Even if you do not plan to do all the work yourself, it is worthwhile to understand what you are paying for when you hire any SEO out sourced company. You can boost your revenue stream and become very successful in the stone industry with the correct trend of materials in stone, including Setimar Stones quarries and processes there Granite, Marble, and Limestone, Onyx, Quartz natural and engineered. The trick is to understand fully what to order and not to put all your eggs in the one place, diversifying in your product line is the key. In addition, Setimar stones can show you how and there are no fees attached, all we want is great honest customers that we can assistant and help offering our complete unique services. All that is required is to buy our very competitive slabs, tiles and prefab including some of our exclusive stone materials from around the world. Setimar will be advisor and your mentor in research, marketing and sale promotions, including trade show advice and set-up, for your local and your statewide sales plan. Much of our web site listed as has much to offer including many choices of stone materials and information. Our goal is to provide up-to-date information and tools to help you navigate our site; the info obtains helpful hints and facts regarding our great Setimar Stone Group. Please see our unique list of the greatest stones in the world and become a part of our family of satisfied and successful clients.

Granite Countertops


Packing: here's where we excel compared to other exporters around the world, over weight palletization is common but not effective, and causes breakage and difficulties with off loading. Setimar Stone Group has a unique lighter weight and manageable system that has received great feedback since inception with absolutely no complaints. Setimar Stones is truly your partner, no other company will go out of their way to help you sell your imported material, leaving you limited to sell to a few on your own, not so with Setimar Stone Group. We can advise you high enough into the search engine rankings to be profitable which can be difficult for many stone and fabricating shops and distributors. As most web site owners have found out, having a web site built is only the first and sometimes not even the most expensive step in owning a profitable web site. This takes you from the Sahara Desert to Fifth Avenue within weeks notifying your local market and state that you are serious beating your competition easily in weeks, making "you" our importing partner and customer a serious distributing fabricator and distributor of our unique stones from our marbles of the world. Prospects ask us why we do so much for our customers. It’s simple, you buy perfect quality stones from us at the best outstanding price points, the most salable shades and color including quality and your sales will spike and you’re reordering is repeated, you buy, you sell, we both make money, so our interest is mutual in the fast track to success.